The sunshine in my head

I took a hiatus from you, oh forum of my mind. I have been splintering and dissecting my motivations much lately, and really don’t wish to fuss over political talking points. I see it as a distraction of real issues that should be addressed. The controversy over people who “represent” others will always be there, as they can never absolutely represent all of us. We have come to that point in time.

They want us to fuss over a lot of things, and certainly the news media will have you thinking very much in one direction. That is why I took a step back and really had to think about the atmosphere I was in, and what I was feeding with my output. You feed the monster when you orient yourself towards it.

Trayvon and Zimmerman; two people caught in crossfire after a shooting took place and one lost their life. Its tough to say, one way or the other, who is in absolute guilt and who is the innocence here. I realize that my study won’t know factual details from the scene itself, or hear the testimony and weigh the facts in my hand. I have no access to these, nor do I wish to further delve into an issue that is outside my skin. I will say that its always unfortunate when a person dies, via any violence that occurs in life, including war. A death is a death; the value of a life wasted, at the cost of so much potential.

Yet we live in a world with distortions, so we cannot expect perfection and justice to always be served. People will die today, just so those who escaped death can perhaps die tomorrow. No man can say he knows when he will die, unless he plucks himself from the life stream. My conviction tells me suicide is vain, because a unique experience of life we encounter. For that, I enjoy the life I have, through the pain and into joy. Its a constant tide, and I am here to ride.

The damage from the case however, has been done. We have reverted back to a more bigoted state of humans. Outraged and feeling justified in our anger, many people are growing more close minded in this systematic breakdown of human rights for all people. I for one, see violent people as problematic. I also see how awesome people can be, and so many of those people are around us every day. We highlight the one bad case, while deny the outright civility we have as a large group of multi-cultured people. We come from all sorts of backgrounds, beliefs, nationalities, and strengths. We can work great together, and do EVERY DAY! Then we see an exceptional case which causes outrage. This is fanning the flame.

To me, lets mourn the death of someone lost. Lets truly question our motivations in being so scared and threatened. By whom? How often are we threatened, and justifiably so? Stress and anxiety plague the nation, while media hypes and segregates people into social constructs of outrage and contempt. We are further from the goal of being more then meat, chasing money on a string. We have a higher potential in this life, and one that doesn’t befuddle itself over any bigoted speech. This also goes for a climate of religious bigotry.

One nation under god was only a thing since 1954. We are heavily relying upon people being stupid about their history, in expecting them to truly believe this is a christian nation. I for one, would like to say that all religious speech I have heard in the political field does not apply to myself. I am an Atheist, and well established one over my 24 years of christianity. Religion became a clear tool in manipulating a populous, as it was historically used for and continues to be to this day. Under the thumb of the one who always judges you!

I don’t see myself being represented, when I hear this goal to “go back to the christian roots of this nation”, or “end the war on religion”. There is a war over your religion?! You mean people disagree with you, so you can’t be entitled goops mongering the streets with your spiritual badge to enforce upon the populous. That isn’t a war, so stop that nonsense. Clearly someone is speaking in a way, so as to invoke that tribal banding together. You always want to huddle and pummel people, but you need to loosen up and take in the sunshine with a friend who doesn’t have to fantasize his hand job in heaven. It can be right here on earth, brother.

I don’t have any hate for religious people, but I strongly disagree with your arcane doctrine. You pick and choose what you use as relevant anyway, so its already at fault in that you don’t have some sacred love for every “holy word”. If you are honest with yourself, you would see its fault in creating an umbrella for you exclusively. Under this umbrella, you are in constant servitude to invisibleness. When you are weary, you hide in a book that taunts you with ultimate victory by submitting and denying your ability to function as a human on earth! There may be a heaven, but can you imagine a world without it? If, after you die, there is just a void. No comforting beardy man to embrace you with loving glow; no. Just the complications of what you endured in your life, and how blind you are now that you are dead. You don’t need a heaven to reward you, when rewards can come to you here.

Just try to stay sane people! I really like to think of humanity as evolving into a new understanding and higher social awareness. I can see a more fruitful earth to come, but not by the system that has hurt the earth so much. All things evolve, and some things wish to keep things the same. A fear based world of herded humans, consuming out of vanity to perpetuate this condition, is an absurd way to live. We can do better, but we have to try. Trying, takes more originality then consuming entertainment or consuming goods and services. Creation is within each and every one of you, and to not allow yourself this avenue of expression is a death all its own.

The value of your creation, is from the act therein. By creating, you are using a unique form of realization in yourself, that can manifest great things if given the opportunity. It can be challenging, and it can take some time and practice. However, the product of time in creation will enable new perspectives to enter you. This will bring about clarity in life that cannot be found anywhere else. As expressive as you can be, create your own majesty. 

So I tangled in some current events, because I think its important to remember how to unplug from this stuff. Its current, so I speak to those stuck in it right now. Either your stressed, or feel like you need to conform others to your view because its superior. You are wrong, and need to stop feeling like an appointed savior for the truth. You are 1, a piece like me, and we have our own guide who is not powerful in numbers. Rather, you are powerful by your understanding of your reality, and use of your time and energy for the greatest good imaginable. Not by the flag, nor by the symbol/emblem/suit…only by the heart.

With that, let me gush some lovin’ on my people! If you read this, you are the rare few and I appreciate you. If you disagree or agree with me, both are fine. I wouldn’t mind talking about things, but I don’t want you to think my mind will want to change you. No, my mind isn’t focused on one. I want to change the world, and only through my expression of these things can it really make a change. I am just putting idea’s out there, to float about and make some ripples.

I only want good things for everyone. Emotions are irrational when it comes to decision making, and I won’t be offended to know someone has differing thoughts then me; I expect it. I wish I could tell you the rest of life would be painless, but I would be lying to everyone in saying that. It will be a unforgettable journey, certainly! Ride the waves and stay afloat, its about to get dicey.

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Enemy Expatriation Act; rain keeps falling down, down, down…

This is the letter I sent to my local senators, regarding the Enemy Expatriation Act. If you have no idea what this is, you might want to check this out.

In short, its a little nubby Act that enables the citizenship of an American, born or allowed, to be stripped away. In light of the NDAA, and how that effects us already, this bill would further stifle the common patron in penalizing you for being outspoken and squashing your civil liberties. As this was a mouthful to say, so is the letter I wrote. I sent this out already, and hope to show that everyone needs to speak up about these things before the climate of America falters into shadow land. So my letter goes as follows.


I’m tracking S.1698 – Enemy Expatriation Act using, the free public resource website for government transparency and accountability.

I have been recently informed of this atrocious Act with one of the first bits of information I gathered this morning. With the NDAA to stifle any critical views a patron might have of a government run amuck with authority, to this Act which will shred the constitutional rights of a patron by stripping them of their citizenship, does this not seem excessive?

0% of users on, a free, non-partisan resource, support S.1698.

Its shocking to know this information, as this is the first I have heard of it. No press whatsoever has covered this to my knowledge. I believe if this information reached critical mass, then this percentile would remain strongly at 0%. I encourage you to envision a world where this is enacted, with several presidents to reside with this authority, and see how authority of this magnitude should never be put into the hands on any head figures. Its authority is begging to be abused, and the patrons of this great nation, obstructed from feeling human with constitutional rights that was intended to protect us in this great nation.

If there is hardship in this land, there are certainly better and more constructive ways of resolving these issues, rather then stripping its citizenship from individuals who seek political change. The table discussion is meant to bring idea’s from all perspectives, rather then mute anyone who suggests a thought that differs. The damage this authority can play on this nation is great, and I cannot stress this enough.

This website allows me to contribute many aspects of this bill, but I am assured you will be reviewing this issue more critically. I wrote the majority of this letter from the heart, and I hope you can see the sincerity I speak from when I do this. I have a future to live, a daughter to raise, and a life for my family that I hope to share in times of peace and not war. I love my country, and I love all people who live in solidarity with peace and love in their hearts.

We have had a trend of stripping liberty and alienating people with a vague buzz word in “terror”, and “terrorism”. When I was raised, a night terror had something to do with a bad dream. Now it has to do with large populations of people who aren’t worthy of life, if and when terrorist is labeled upon them. This to me, is a bad dream, though instead of being limited by night alone, it has become a life terror. I am terrorized with the idea that I can be erased like a smudge if I think critical, and desire constitutional rights as I thought I had in being raised and educated as a tiny boy.

I speak of peace, for peace. Writing a letter and venting my thoughts is a process in which everyone should have a right to. To be heard; to make changes in this world that benefit all people and help bring us together. If we grow in fear of each other, the distance our hearts have to travel to each other becomes far too vast. As the universe expands, so shall humanities sense of communion? I know this world can do better for all, and I stand by prosperity and dignity of humanity. I urge you to consider what I have to say, and chase away the demons that look to tear prosperity apart.

I am encouraged to know I still have a voice, and if I can assist this global transformation from fear into love, then I will do my best. If you have any advice or wisdom on this subject, I would love to exchange ideas. I am thankful for this opportunity to to speak, and only time will tell if it can make the change that I so hope for. With all the peace and love, from one human to another.



I signed it with my real name, but I won’t blast it out there. I don’t like to get too political, because I do usually get upset over most of it. Its a pretty bleak territory to tread upon, and especially when other things can be so fun to write about. I think its important to have a voice though, so I take advantage of that in these times. If you feel compelled to write your own letter, the website I used to address this issue is…

This will allow you to jump right into gear, as the Act is already added, and the contents of your letter should be written and send off.

I am going to manifest a global community of peace to rival this climate of fear we have enshrouding our political process with. Where education lies in the forefront of its community, learning critical thought and imaginative ambitions. If we can dream of a future where things are better, then we can achieve these things. What we inject into this experience, has to be a vision of the world we want to see. It takes a dreamer to put the idea in motion, and the actions inspired by a dream will come into view. That is the world we live in; one where the creation of concepts, will mold a future that is built with an idea resonating through the minds of its populous. The power of information and knowledge is key to all things humans do, and who humans can be. Its a ripple in a pond, spreading through the body of water to the very reaches of its flow. The larger ripples muffle the tiny ones.

With so many loud voices suggesting decline and terror, we are finding the world overrun with this constant repetitious cycle of alienation from each other. We don’t listen to idea’s anymore, or at least fewer are heard. Yes, we are able to still speak, but I question how long this could last with the trends rising to the occasions in swallowing us whole. I really wish we could all just come together and voice our idea’s, without the preconceived notion that anyone is trying to defeat the other. We are trying to manifest a better destination then this world has been driving us in. Times must change, as time expands. This is humanity becoming aware of itself in a large way, and I contend that WAR BEGAT WAR will never serve to resolve anything, but only deteriorate our species into pithy twonks.

I love my country, and I love all people. I have a hard time understanding where anyone else comes from, with views that don’t align with mine. I am open to hearing their idea’s and thoughts, as I have found them to be no threat to my own. If anything, a discussion has been able to broaden ones perspective into potential growth of that individual. That climate of education is what I desire so very much for the world to discover. The voice in your mouth, as pouring from your heart, should never berate or hate upon another for a perspective or view. Even in disagreements, there should be no animosity towards one another. Life is much too fragile to shut down anyone, no matter how authoritative one voice may be over another. In fear we kill and stifle, but in love we embrace and accept. If you spend your life terrorized by an idea from another, then you are not living in ideal conditions as a social being.

Authority is a hard line to draw, but we have some authority we should be concerned about. Not to say I have any hate or disdain for anyone in the political game. I certainly wish they could get some sunshine, and talk to a human outside their field of work. The human influence is a great thing to be in touch with, or else you will Alienate yourself and grow Alien to the world you author over. Its easy to be cold, it takes effort to be warm, and madness to be HOT. I hope these words encourage you to embrace your fellow man and work together to achieve great aspirations in your lifetime. I wish this for every man woman and child, of all nations. I was born out of love, so don’t let me die out of hate.


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Cannabis, Newt Gingrich, and American Politics.

Oh, the humanity! Scouring the web these past two days, following the Iowa Caucus and so many other things going on in this world! Either life got a whole lot more interesting, my perspective has been changed on a large capacity, or this beverage of the gods Yerba Mate has got me feelin’ like jelly squirming all about, outside myself, in a billowing wave of balancing awareness like a flat bubble growing ever so slowly and drifting upon the senses perceptions. This lucid sense of where our species dwell, swelling in the fabricated mainframe of systematic slavery…I cringe, but my fingers don’t cry.

To make apples replace this distaste in my mouth, I’ll shovel education of an independent mind. With my monocle on, I shoot a glare in the direction of a Newt as he slides his fat belly on the floor as a lizard would. I will watch him until he returns to the waters once more, for his yearly settlement therein. Only one eye will be needed for this adjustment.

I have heard many upset with Newt’s perspective on the “War on Drugs”. I have also heard Newt himself, lying outright about historic facts regarding our founding fathers of America; has he authored himself historic fiction as a reality worth preaching to masses? This act is deceiving and insulting to the American People who live in the age of the Internet; one that you aren’t too aware of obviously.

After being pressed in New Hampshire regarding the founding fathers being more lenient regarding drugs then him, he replied “I think Jefferson or George Washington would have rather strongly discouraged you from growing marijuana and their techniques with dealing with it would have been rather more violent than our current government,”

As earlier reported, he also consumed marijuana and has been vocal about it, while then suggested the death penalty to anyone holding 2 ounces of “marijuana”. He thinks the War on Drugs isn’t good enough, and should be enforced with more authority then it already is. In 2010 alone, 853,839 were arrested on marijuana related charges (according to This is where I halt, tell you to take this little pill, and climb aboard this cartoon bus so we can shrink and fly into the sky for a moment.

A pro-hemp author, I promote use of this versatile plant in all ways it can be used, and there are many ways you can. From clothing and textile fabrics that are much more sturdy then cotton, cooking, paper, plastics, energy, and so much more! Its an outright miracle plant basically, that grows fast all over the world. It even helps the soil, giving back nutrients and loosening the soil with its deep roots. This is the HEMP plant, so we are talking about side 1 of 2 for this great plant. You see, there is a Male and a Female plant. The male plant will produce a product that will NOT get you high at all. Ignorant law makers shoved a well funded bill to pass, by liar and profiteer William Randolph Hearst, DuPont, and the big Pharma industires. If you want to read more, a fascinating view of this “Marijuana Tax Act” scheme going down back in 1937.

To know the fools of history, it help us understand that hemp has been a global phenom for LONG before we came to this planet. Our founding fathers even grew hemp (as “marijuana” was the racist term used to make a legal substance unidentifiable to ignorant naives), and promoted its use in both sexes of the plant. The MALE won’t get you high at all, but the FEMALE plant will produce a flowering bud that when ingested through one of many ways, will give you a euphoric transcendence of illness, pain, fear, doubts, stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, muscle spasms, etc. As you can imagine, BIG PHARMA would be tiny non existent pharma if hemp was to remain legal. This would also save roughly 750,000 people from death each year from pharmaceutical drugs, as they experiment upon us like ignorant apes. Considering there are 0 deaths associated with cannabis consumption, why would anyone prefer synthetic pharma over organic plantation?

Statistics seemingly clarify that this Big Pharma phenom we have in our society, is a well financed dinosaur that should have been lost in the great asteroid back in 1937. They however, won over us all and are now in the process of hooking you on legal drugs for “normalcy” to be seen in your life. Normal for human should not be a state under the influence of any drug, let alone a synthetic construct of scientists in labs, with leads over them, pushing lobbyists into government that declare themselves to be fit enough to survive. They cannot harness the healing potential of a plant, because they can’t patent and profit off of it as they desire. Oh, they are trying and getting much closer now. Back in 1937, they had absolutely no idea.

So Newt, hoping I would forget about you buddy? I know as a man, you are certainly welcome to the fruits of this world. Law and nature collide, and plants that have so many benefits for all to appreciate are deemed too dangerous for the public to consume. A large portion of the population are also ignorant enough to consider LEGAL and ILLEGAL drugs, to mean one is more safe over the other. This is false, as we learned from our statistics above. We, shall I say, are lost. We need people to understand this back-stab before we curl up and dissolve.

Newt is going out of his way to make a big deal, of a very tiny issue, while at the same time, is at the wrong SIDE of the issue (if he truly wants to promote wellness of all). He is going further into the abysmal black that consumes his soul, as he speaks now from an Alien perspective that does not suggest or prefer the peace of America and its people. Over 50% of the nation have changed their perspectives on this plant, and I think its due time the other 50% get on board. Not just with me, and not just with the other 50%, but with the world’s history. You remember Egypt?!/jScottDay/status/154824754270961664/photo/1

Do it for your founding fathers.

George Washington: 1765: “–began to seperate (sic) the Male from the Female Hemp at Do–rather too late.” This suggests him fertilizing the Female plant with the Male, in making the Female blossom for free plantation medicine.

George Washington: 1794: “Make the most of the Indian hemp seed, and sow it everywhere!”

Thomas Jefferson: “Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth & protection of the country.”

John Adams: “We shall, by and by, want a world of hemp more for our own consumption.”

Abraham Lincoln: “Two of my favorite things are sitting on my front porch smoking a pipe of sweet hemp, and playing my Hohner harmonica.”

So now you can see how this plant has a much larger impact on our whole human culture, then the last 75 years can summarize with this insulting notion that its always been a bad thing. It has always saved our planet, and should be used to do so when we need it the most. To legalize the hemp plant, we would be creating markets for the plant to be used that could totally change the history of our day! A place of prosperity, wealth, comfort, and advances (yes, hemp is the STRONGEST fiber, a easily renewable source of essential nutrients for foods, it makes the sturdiest plastics, and other materials with longer lifespan then their current alternatives). We could be doing so much better things with our time and money, then wasting it on sending people to jail for stuff that 150 years ago, they would be normal people like you and me. They wouldn’t have to discuss legality about something this amazing and beneficial.

Henry Ford is quoted in saying, “Why use up the forests that were centuries in the making and the mines which required ages to lay down, if we can get the equivalent of forest and mineral products in the annual growth of the hemp fields?”. Good question Newt.

Why would you make a 9 years old clean a toilet for quarters, instead of opening a floodgate of market opportunities in simply decriminalizing and legalizing the hemp plant? In our modern age, I accept a taxation on the plant so we can get our government out of debt (and it wouldn’t take long). After that, we begin to industrialize hemp paper and fiber, while putting pressure on paper mills to stop the deforestation of our planet. This only hurts our planetary health by eliminating habitats for animals to live within. Sell weed with a tax, like alcohol, age 21.

This right away, eliminates the slave labor we accept from corporate jails. This victimless crime would be gone, and there would be fewer people in jail. Carl Sagan was an American astronomer, astrophysicist, cosmologist, author, and had an award winning show in the 1980’s entitled, “Cosmos: A Personal Voyage”, and he also used weed to relax. “I am convinced that there are genuine and valid levels of perception available with cannabis which are, through the defects of our society and our educational system, un-available to us without such drugs.” I am all for letting the next Carl Sagan have a grand adventure outside of jail.

You have your own idea’s about the drug, but let me further explain that perhaps you are completely lost. Perhaps, you only think of its social culture that it has become, as it is still illegal and used in unsophisticated ways regularly by many. People enjoy party drugs, and I would put cannabis outside that category. No doubt, it does bring about a “high” that well compliments and enhances audible, textile, flavor, and physical sensations. It is nothing to be lost or fooled by though; everything remains the same and a tangible world will always be afoot.

I promote an open minded view of something that has been appreciated in many ways, throughout history, by many nations of people world wide. It will sure take more then a pesky NEWT to climb on his soap box and spew his deceptive filth upon a mic that rings the ding-dongs listening. His facts are lies, his views are alien, and his ignorance cries for a muzzle. I want to educate people to this topic, in hopes that we can make a change in our society for the better before I die. Its not a small insignificant issue, its a complete dupe on the world culture to not allow such a beneficial plant to be watered and to breed. Countless American’s would be saved from jail, poverty, hunger, and homelessness. Educate yourself, and tell a friend. These shallow walls of taboo on drugs should be overcome by education and awareness. The hype has been sold for too long, and now its time to die like every other market ploy that destroys the face of humanity. We are better then what I have been seeing lately, I am assured.

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ROFLcopter flight through the penis gallery

…really? A polished fireman is all you can welcome a stranger with? This website will not save your soul, and it won’t assist you in making any true friend. After a 4 hour streak of peeling through wedges of diggers roaming the interwebs with webcams to peep that fap meat to launch, only a minority count of 4 people attempted to have any remotely substantial dialogues. One fine chap had some techno blaring through his speaker, and proceeded to dance in a bouncy manner, raising and lowering the flat palms, faced upwards, in repetition to the hyper tempo that a low bouncing ball of rubber could imitate. To be fair though, he played into a drunken trio of celebratory individuals on the other side, trying to squash boner masher from the onset like a vendetta . We certainly flipped through countless twonks, and upon doing so, found many a sir who had his nob handy for his slave pittance after polishing it.

Slaves aren’t real, all people are equal. This is my brain, not our universal reality. This only makes the issue sad, but does not in any way suggest that a devalued person should be used for labor of an over-intensive nature. Slaves aren’t real, because I won’t acknowledge that role as valid. Being a man of erf, I know reality speaks of horrific tales of slavery. These were not started or promoted by me as a great idea, or a way for any human being of erf to live. However, these nob polishing slaves beg for your contribution of female skin, since a live show on a webcam site is better then any freely distributed pornography? I find their plight to be tiny at best, and intend to demean this throttle heavy venture of sexuality. I guess if no harm is done, then no foul can be called; but that only applies to rules and stipulations regarding a game that life is certainly not. Life is a journey, and your penis is an freakishly odd extrusion on your abdomen. You can touch it, but that is how skin diseases spread. Before long, you will be sprouting tiny peni on your palms at the speed of rash!

From the beginning, we were simply trying to play a song to an assortment of people, exploring the possibility of doing so, with a song to play on reserve. I play no instrument in this scenario, but my friend who has been learning the guitar knew how to play Oasis – Wonderwall, and I am a genuine person who appreciates any skill level of any ambitious artist, so I sing along to his guitar strumming. We fly through a few people quickly, and I find that singing anything significant to people is a hardship that is not well accepted by many who venture these webcam chat websites.

About this time, his wife arrives home from work, and she has a good sense of humor on her. A few drinks back, we decide the next best thing would be to exploit what opportunity provides itself. Many of the conversations were sexual, and we knew most of the people we saw were guys. As a DISCLAIMER, I think random nudity is a strange phenom that strange people explore, and have no reservation in treating them with disrespect. To be blindly slapped in the face with a tiny penis that looks like a boomerang, only so this sir can realize his blunder and switch cams, is a very stupid sequence of events to consider a standard activity for anyone to do. I believe what we did to intervene with these dingets, was acceptable.

So with my buddies wife talking to these strange people, they begin to massage themselves in erotic ways to stimulate themselves, requesting to have flesh revealed before them. The conversations were certainly adult oriented. You aren’t adults, so I can’t speak of anything that happened between these people, other then BAM, Wirwirwirwoo, kapink.

So after the conversation began to “heat up”, she would excuse herself from the camera for a moment. A count would begin, and then me and my buddy would jump into scene, playing guitars and singing about grandma, mom, boomerangs, firemen, and strangulation. Our shirts would come off like a bad bachelorette party, and I am squeezing my flat chested pecks together, flexing muscles, and grabbing heaps of skin from my stomach so I could slosh it about like a bastard baby of a beer gut.

We began to grow impatient with this process, and so moving through these cams faster became the game plan. Now we wanted to spook the people, taking one of his several guns out from his collection, emptying out the magazines, and placing these cold barrels between our teeth (or at least I did this a few times). We would aim the gun directly into the camera, so the picture would be going down the barrel of his 9mm pistol. Oddly enough, guys do not wish to masturbate to guns. They would even request we stop using the guns in this way. Yes, a few of them attempted to talk once our male face was exposed!

We had an older man settle in the webcam chat, and proceed to request sexual acts of my friends (the couple, I will call them). He would use lines like “make grandad happy”, which sickeningly reminded my buddies wife of her own grandfather. He was certainly of older age, roughly 45-55 if I had to stake a number to his chest (and almost wish it would sink in deeper). Even him, we talked with for awhile. He wanted to see some ass, so my buddy drops his pants and gives this sir a nice spread cheek shot of some crazy dude butt. His laughter was slight, as he tries to back-peddle in requesting the female counterpart to perform instead. After choking on my tongue a few times, he left the chat and dissolved into the interwebs once more.

On another person who was talking to my buddies wife; the dialog was fair and not overtly sexual. However, flirtacious, and so ended by a pistol slide-in from the side of the camera, aimed and stopped on her temple, and with her shocked face turning towards the gun, the webcam drops and the interwebs devours another person. He could only assume a grand joke, or a perilous murder where nobody wins, including himself.

There was the belly button poking with a banana as well, or the banana bulge in my buddies wife’s pants as she is explained to be a “dude”. Really, the diversity of fucked up idea’s that circulated our three minds would scare the ice shits out a fire eaters ass. I inspired a lot of strange things, and take some blame for having a well bent mind when it comes to my anti-boner methods. Some idea’s we didn’t do, while others I save in my own mind for that special fucked up person to hear, and perhaps laugh…or hide. Doesn’t really matter much either way, but all that can be said of this is that I really have very loose limits when it comes to things I can laugh at. Most people find things annoying, or upsetting…but to me, the humor of it all becomes much more apparent then any of these other emotions spoken of. I find it harder to understand how someone can become so upset over another person’s words or actions. This to me, is projecting the quality of life I could have, upon others to determine how I can feel. That seems like a lack of control, when given the reality check that I am going to die in this skin bag alone, and its not a two person sleeping bag for another soul to crawl into my mind. Just me. To hand you my manipulator would make me less of myself, and that shite can’t hack it in the streets where I beat cold feed for soda dranks!

All in all, the amusement we all shared over this one website and this one activity was truly strange. It lasted for a long time, and made for a more entertaining night then what I could have manifested on my own. Prior to this ROFLcopter flight, I had a few sincere and serious conversation topics spew and drop on the floor, only to shuffle about in the carpet until its rise into the air. The room became saturated with our brains colliding with words and values. Luckily, disagreements don’t assume rejection of family, and these are dear friends that I spent quality time with in both laughter and conversation, all of which was compelling enough to pull me further from coma.

Our beverages were both strong and delicious; dropping touchdowns with manderin vodka and sippin’ on some great grape wine! Your white wine is abuse of how much better red wine is. Speaking of wine, a spinning head has me almost sickly tired right now. My landing gear is extending as I aim to crash into my hyda-bed and slip some Z’s through these teeth. I wish I could dream of cake tonight…


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PROTECT IP Act, SOPA, and Internet Censorship of any sort!

Censorship doesn’t achieve its objective, study finds. This study was conducted by myself, about 3 seconds ago, in my head. Yup, still not working, censorship failed. As a human copying a parrot, I too enjoy a good squawking. Who doesn’t? But now, Pet Shop owners are upset because now that people started squawking, the parrot market has declined! More people are less enthused at buying a pricey parrot when they can get a person as a cheaper alternative to the heavily prices parrot.

Your feathers ruffled yet?

I am clearly not siting any facts or sitting on any faces, and only amused in describing this absurd world of parrot imitators rivaling birds to get a very pungent message through. Internet Censorship is a real thing, and its giving over vague controls to big companies, blah blah big money shuffle, twirl my stick and tip my top hat, stomp on houses and build hotels, and walk right past jail. We know this sound, its familiar from so many fronts.

Here’s a fun fact, did you know that large movie companies also hated VHS technology? They didn’t think it was fair to record a television show so you could watch it at a later time. They also hated cassette tapes, CD-Rs, mp3s, etc. Now its much more! They want a switch to flush a whole website down the toilet, so the world can watch it whirling away without the water ever turning yellow. Such wasteful use of stipulation and law to apply, and so carelessly. This excerpt speaks volumes.

“The DoJ or the copyright owner would be able to commence a legal action against the alleged infringer and the DoJ would be allowed to demand that search engines, social networking sites and domain name services block access to the targeted site. ”

I could further expand this circus to include many more elephants to charge around in face paint and in clown balloon hats, but then you have a mess of unruly elephants to contend with. Its their debut, and they didn’t exist until 4 seconds ago, and their already gone now because you pissed them off. They couldn’t dance for you? Too much like the dancing doggies? Oh, okay…take the elephant away, shoot it. We don’t need anything that looks the same! We can give you remakes of old movies, but you can’t even be opinionated on social meme’s as circulated through popular media. You stifle tiny people for your rights to hoard your paper tokens of debt.

I am for people getting credit, and I think we have made some progress in the right direction already. We expect more, and that goes for the big companies that can’t figure out how to swim when the tide changes on them. Its your inability to be flexible, and so now you want to start a beef and make it a law issue. These are not traits of a promising organization I adore. The abuse of politics as a medium of control is becoming tremendous, and only through solidarity in thought and action can we achieve all things, while being peaceful all the while.

“Sticks and stones may break my bones
but words will never hurt me”


For a long time, you have been turning out music and movies for people to enjoy all around the world, and for countless years and generations. Some could say that the marvels launch into infamy. The values you had in providing avenues of art to be created has been fantastic, and you were able to promote some great artists throughout your function. As I see, you have become aware of the internet, again…so we meet here, like its been a day and a half of staring each other down. You can hire more eyeballs to glare, but I can find people who donate their time in life to stare back at a personal cost of $0. How do I do this? I must be a genius, saving all my money (or not spending the no money I have). Its called an idea! Its a great thing to have, and its also great to know that you can always have another idea if the first one doesn’t fit right. This process of having idea’s lead to the creation of another thing. The Internet! In creating this new place for fresh faces to emerge, we find many of the same things you were doing, being done on a scale we haven’t seen you even touch upon.

For every pop album I hear, I know a band that has no credibility on any radio station anywhere in the world that sounds more appealing then the second class shite you spew like a dog pawing the copy button! You guys had a thing, and it was a romance of sorts. Life loves art, and its a beautiful relationship to have. Your movies I see nowadays? I lost the love and luster for your CG smut that makes running actors into manikins on treadmills. If I was being chased by a mob of giant dinosaurs, I understand that running in a straight line underneath all of them would not be a safe bet to escape with my life. You are watching the world change now. With more and more people learning and getting into arts as they are, the market is saturated with talent that you rarely see now, and mostly won’t even value. The Internet has brought these talents and people together, so we all can share media as a way to expressing ourselves through this life. You should be for us.

You have created distortions in the art world, and this is where your failure lies. You have been out of touch with the reality of the world around you, and become jaded in your perception of talent and art. Art should not be about how much money you can squeeze out of people who choose to entertain an active mind, but about potential for all expressions of art to manifest. You have created an atmosphere for few to build, but you instilled a love in many people that has lead to us now doing your job, without yours or anyone else’s money. Some of us can make a simple life doing just that, and they find that it works for them. Starving artists all around the world. To lawfully litter the confines of open access to the world via the internet, it will always do what you least expect, but also not do what you expect. Its too soon, too little, too fast…abuse of your authority. I know you fly on huge birds lined with feathers made of money with money suits, bombing bad idea’s and ACTS into political debates, and you didn’t floss. Evil Santa knows when you don’t floss! I don’t floss often enough either. I wish teeth could sing with tiny voices, so instead of speaking when you opened your mouth, you would smile and a chime of many tiny voices would sing in barbershop quartet style “Hello, hello, hello, hello!” You would put that in a movie, pay out the ass for excessive stuff and puffers, and then hire a variety of tiny people to sing instead of breaking crumbs apart to make dirt. 1 person could make that whole thing for free, cause it made him laugh. Your movie takes forever to release, and all the people involved make some money, hooray. The one person who made it on their own? They laugh each time they see the video that they made, and 27 people might like it, or 15,492 might. Sink or swim, nobody loses heart for art. Only you, because it was about the money.


Your censorship won’t work. This isn’t a threat, but just a guy up on trends. This will be a big hock fest and you will see how little money you are missing out on. For Senators and Congressmen, try to think about this bill before you sign it away. You give authority to big companies to monch on tiny people. It can’t and won’t even truly stop what it so claims. It will further bury and stifle potential progress, rather. I understand you want to make a difference, but it will only matter what kind of difference you make in retrospect. If this law passes, I believe it will set back progress for the betterment of our society, culture, and the entertainment industries.

I give cred where its due, and movies are a great thing. I would be nothing without music either. I have tunes in my heart, a movie in my head, and a world to dream and manifest creation. I would be a sadder sack of socks to find my internetz br0ken!

…and its not broken. Yet.


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Bring on the drums, and be jaded to play like its the apocalypse!

…and this is the end. I have a hard time starting something, so now I am playing a game with myself where I end the blog at the very beginning, so it can continue. Now that its all over, we can relax and unwind the tales of celebration one does partake in for new years.

Waiting outside the gas station for our friend to arrive, watching as people move through space. Many a person would walk into the gas station, and upon exit, have 18 packs of miller high life, coors light, or some energy drinks. I scoff, only as a beer snob could, while I hold my cherished 12 pack of Pyramid Snow Cap Winter ale. This, being the second new years in which I consume the most delicious beer of 7% authentic man muscle juice. My response to energy drinks, is brewing myself Yerba Mate Caffeinated Tea, and I drink it straight without any sweetening. This I have with myself as well, sealed tight in a jar that I consume this beverage from. It holds more then a regular cup, and has a convenient lid so as to prevent spills. After slamming words together in my head, I knew from the onset that my mind was wired alive that night. My tongue felt a little looser then normal, and the drinking had yet to begin.

We have lakeside reservations at our friends house, where the crowd was hot and popping like pimples with dimple gum drop pop tunes, awaiting for that booty to drop. However, I have a pretty great hold on my ass, so my chances of dropping it are rare, and will never happen unless I am well infused with substances. Stifled by the wasted meat squishing around, a drink is hastily consumed to slice through this nonsense like a butcher on a mission. We have everyone’s favorite BIG GUY WEARING SMALL HIP CLOTHS AND MAKING FUN OF OTHER PEOPLE BEHIND THEIR BACK WHEN THEY CAN’T HEAR YOU BUT YOU CAN SEE THEM guy. I don’t like run on statements or sentences, but I produce a few from time to time. I at least attempt at making them worth the while of monologue for the head to filter through.

Well our new chatty tiny cloths man begins his favorite rant; proceeds to speak of smoking anything that is in a bag with the label “drugs” on it. Not silly enough? How about he one ups this, and says he would even smoke needle drugs. Arrogant shit, I was upset with his views of “drugs”. My logic on the issue, is that weed is not a drug, its a plant. This I made clear to him immediately after he said such nonsense. You can call it what you like, but I love to say plant instead, because that’s really all it is. Drugs, I reserve, for more synthetic substances, or perhaps associated with the large drug companies. Drug has become a common buzzword used and abused to lump social understandings of substances into a negative light for people to NOT be critical about. I take my critical thought very seriously, almost religiously, since it was critical thought that abstracted me from the mold of christian conformity.

Now I don’t give the guy too much crap, because we all just want to live, and it can’t really be the fault of another if they choose to be ignorant. In his life, the television guides his talking points so they mesh well with a captivated audience, but what constructive thought creates this person? I can’t stress this enough, I do have many problems with most television and blockbuster movies nowadays. When a TV is your talking point, I have no points to contribute. I could tell you about the Riots in Athens, or my favorite Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds album or song, or how I watch cartoons still because its the last truly artistic and creative expression that I can find. I can’t talk to you about reality television, without abruptly choosing to flame the entire genre in my own inspired offering. I very much enjoy a good stimulating conversation about how to fix the world, how to solve huge issues, strange things you could find in space, or many other off content. Weird Al inspires a lot of that behavior I think, but I love him and its my favorite thing about me, so it can’t be bad. If I seemingly derail a conversation with a sentence of my own, I almost feel godly. Then I turn around and get back to the party.

So orbiting the prize all night, not feeling the gravity to linger, spacial exploration commenced and we traveled on. I say we, as I am being driven around. This could be why the story gets a little foggy towards the end, which really is no end because its end began when a new beginning took its place. Or not.

The worst part of leaving the first party, was being a few beers in and needing to collect leftovers before we left, and the infamous kitchen party was large. My only other two friends I saw in the kitchen, and was sadness in parting, but onward were the stars fly! We get to the next place and its immediately more comfortable. It had its own strange elements, but I was at least able to muscle some strange songs out. I was more familiar to more of the faces I saw, and people were enjoying themselves throughout the house as it was also large. I immediately got back into drinking, and then ushered in the new year with a Jello Shot that would make Bill Cosby cry (tragic jello abuse). This is where I will inject the last remaining straws of thought, as they aren’t really in a timeline. TIME DOES NOT EXIST AT THE END OF THE WORLD!

I remember talking to strangers, trying to engage his character in a substantial discussion, but of what absolute nature I spoke of, I cannot tell you. I was trying to be smart about things perhaps, or maybe just funny. Either way, I don’t believe I made him feel too weird because I do remember talking to him several times, and I remember the parts where he was laughing or talking back to me in the exchange. I did end up playing some songs on their computer, Dan Deacon – Snookered, and the Overlord NES Title track (what I consider, early 8bit dubstep from 1993). Those got some ladies mashing air with their exteriors, but I am a man of wooden form that does not dance when asses are shaking.

Historically, when I get excited with music, I head bang. I will do this until my neck is sore and I can’t keep my head upright. I go to 80’s night at the club, and I’m the drunken fool on the dance floor head banging my neck out of alignment with my spine, and then puking on the sidewalk outside because of all the beer agitation inside my stomach. What starts off looking awesome, ends in more dismay because nobody laughs anymore. People are strange, I don’t get it either.

Now that I am done with that flashback, we will once again dive headlong back into the straw details of the end that I can recall. My next memory was the most significant and lasting thought I have. I was sitting on the pavement at the edge of grass, and purged all the demons up and out into the grass. I did not vomit on self, which is excellent. I hear from this point, I mumbled and was passing out a bunch, so we left, though at this time it is now 3am. There was no beer left over, and I consumed most all I had brought. My driver had a few, but over many hours for no worries. I do recall the drop into the new year though, and how a fella I know dropped his pants to the floor and tried to start the trend. My other friend was attempting to coach me into this semi-nude form, claiming he would follow if I were to let my pants take the plunge. I declined this act, on the basis that some open fly boxers won’t give me assurance that all my dangles don’t spook the masses. I am not that guy. The house homosexual was trying to get a kiss for the new years, which can be a little presumptuous and annoying. I wouldn’t overtly express my heterosexual impulses that way, and especially in a large crowd of people. It doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want a kiss from a beautiful woman, but requesting it like its a glass of water devalues the experience.

So in closing, I don’t hate homosexuals. I don’t know what terminology I should use so as to not offend them, but they can choose to be offended just as anyone can. Titles are nothing, and names are nothing. I was talking with the house homosexual earlier that evening, and even gave him a beer of my stock because he was nice and engaging enough in conversation. Rainbow headband and all. The guy was fascinating and there was nothing wrong with him, or with his preference in love. I would be angry if all the men moaned at the stroke of midnight, “Can I get a kiss ladies?”, because the head on my back would yell “DOUCHE”, and might echo out my mouth.

I won’t beg for your love baby, but I would add that spice to your sugar if you pour it on me. Might even caramelized if you strike a match to it, or shall we wait for the sunshine to do that for us? That isn’t an open question, just a clarification of how I see any future relationship in its preconceived form. Tell you where I won’t find love? After drunkly guzzling a large wad of alcoholic jello, and then chiming out publicly that I am on the BRINK and need affections from anyone willing to sympathize with me. That’s not love, or even fun or awesome. That’s why I don’t drop pants and dangle mister peepers for the engaged public to be tangled in.

Take a breath. Digest.

Brambles and Rambles

In writing, the voice I project its annoying to me. I write several paragraphs and then stare at all I have done. After trying to get it just right, I lose focus on why I care so much, and then delete most everything. So many things could have been said by now, but for what? Is there anything that I try to accomplish by writing? I don’t even want to convince you of your mindset being wrong; so its not like I want to change your mind on ANYTHING really. I just have thoughts and idea’s, as common among people. These idea’s are so outlandish in the society I see around me, that its mostly nonsense to even speak of what I think. I could talk about a bunch of nonsense really. It would mean nothing, apply to nothing, and be the only thing I could write and let go. If I am on here with a perspective voice on an issue, who is to say that moments later, these thoughts could juggle about and evolve into a new beast? What beast am I writing? Why would writing have to be beastly?

I can ask stupid questions that don’t deserve answers from most people, and yet if they were answered, I could care enough to have a conversation about said stupidity. There is usually a reason to my madness, despite my great effort to seem “normal”, as in human or approachable. I even noted a tendency I have, and one that I favor, but will give me no social credits in the scheme of things. I very much enjoyed “goofing” people, with conversations of nothing, or questions of fantasy.

I would be with a friend who would be aware of my angle. There would be a room of people, or at least people within hearing distance of our conversation. However, as our conversation would start, it would take very strange direction from the onset. “Why were tree’s recalled at the porch champ cook-off this saturday?” would follow with a reply from another who would say something like “Oh yes, they called ahead for 75 degree pool temperature. You betcha!”. As this dialog would flourish, you would find patrons of proximity asking what we were talking about.

That is an example of doing this with a friend, but even alone, one would just ask absurd things or make strange assumptions. I also find a strange interest in music that would make ordinary people cringe. I hate most everything from pop culture, most social norms, allure of ladies who try too hard, or anything else that seemingly clicks with ordinary folk. This anti-social behavior has posted me in a strange place.

One of those life changing experiences of my life also happened, and further isolated me from people I had known for many years. From religion and church for all my life, to leaving the faith behind with other childish ambitions, and forging my future head on. Just so happened that “head on” translated into “hit a wall”, and then losing the large social group of church friends and people alike…I just found my feet.

I have not been in a substantial female relationship for awhile now. This goes for friends or lovers; both valued. I know people, but I also have my own head to contend. I have been without a job for a very long time, so its hard for me to validate my humanity to someone who would value me more if I had money to show them I was human…so its like telling myself I am sub-human, unable to acquire love or be appreciated for anything unless I have paper to back my heart.

My last relationship wasn’t the most healthy for me, but I was able to get away from that situation without any ongoing drama thankfully. I still relate with my last girlfriend, as she also mothers my daughter from afar. I live states apart from my daughter, who is raised by her grandparents and mom, far from me. I go to bed at night and am so upset with my life condition, I try to dream about popping like a grape under the pressure of a thumb and forefinger.

Without money, without a paper-backed heart, and without an ambition to change your mind, what good have I to see in this future of mine? My daughter, certainly, will be a promising site for me, but then what? Maybe not worrying about it would be best. An active mind is a very annoying thing to have. I should be sleepy, and I need to be TRYING to sleep soon. I have been horrible about keeping a regular schedule lately as well. I arise to wake at 3:45pm, just so the light can hide at 5pm, and I can stay awake until 7am. This doesn’t serve any awesome agenda for me either, is the real poop of the issue.

I am finally able to work again. Resume posting on craigslist has saved me. This time around, its a temp agency for a fedex warehouse. I poked my head in tonight, and was unable to start until tomorrow due to workflow and employee’s working. Either way, I get to adventure into a Warehouse once more, and work for scrum to line my wallet, so I can take that paper and say hi to a girl, who can finally find me more attractive because I have consumer tokens for goods and/or services.

Lol…and eternity laughs at me, but only because I laugh back at it. I don’t want to live inside eternity. I abide to the day of my death, and it will surely come. The number one cause of death is LIFE, so there is no escape. I don’t fear any afterlife, because its reserved for after this life, as the theory everyone wanted you to choke on while you were still alive so you could be a tool instead of human. No, I took my life back from those who wanted to direct me. Life feels more real now, but it can also appear to be more desolate and violent.

Religion makes me upset somewhat, since I see its addition to my life as a burden. I see its purpose as broken, given the fantasy of nonsense one must believe, at the guidance of the pastor who dictates any messages using a vague mythological book. You can reason murder, incest, and many horrible things with the bible. You can easily shoot them down, but that doesn’t hide the potential of any demented man to speak of anything from his agenda, through the guise of a holy book such as a bible, to manipulate masses of people into serving his own human will. It HAS been done, and continues to happen daily. This church, that pastor, this guys house, his buddy the prophet, etc. I have been to a house cult one time, and they had their own prophet. He would tell them what god said, and they would abide. They would even arrange a marriage based upon what the prophet would say regarding one of their members virgin daughters who loved Jesus. They did this with a bible, with jesus, with everything else…but through the holy spirit, this one man was more holy to define life for those who abide to his word.

I only attended this “house church” once. They had their own home-made worship songs they sang acoustic guitar style in a circle, as their children danced about like little puppets on a string. They were very kind people, but you would not see them; the sign on those eyes declared “vacant”.

I think I have touched upon this one time, but I may as well dabble into this a bit. I feel like religion aims to replace me. It enables me, within the group, to have experiences. It doesn’t allow me the liberty to claim myself as worthy cause. I don’t want prayer, because prayer is just a crazy person speaking nonsense in silence, instead of outstretching a hand or giving well wishes verbally. I don’t think prayer does anything. Its in the mind of the person who is praying, but as a means of focus of meditation. That’s as far as that holy hocus pocus goes. 

I don’t hate religious people. I do however, HATE, any talk of hell, heaven, sin, prayer, forgiveness, or the bible. Its a book of buzzwords that apply to club members only, and I declined to resubscribe. I felt  god was less of an all powerful entity of greatness, and more a jealous lover of a bitch to whine about the insignificant trails humanity blazes. He especially cares too much, to be of power and love. His love was not apparent in the terrorizing way he rallies his sheeple to his flock, and only so they can sing about how awesome he is for eternity in heaven, or on sunday on earth.

Bitter bag of blisters tonight, but I am also getting a little foggy in the head. Time to rest these timbers and wait to fall into what stillness there is beyond. Tomorrow is a new labor filled day of opportunity, for love and money. I know the world will tell me that I can’t buy love. That may be true, but I just need attention, which evolves into love, and originates with interesting activities that usually take paper notes. So I can’t buy love, but I can buy time with someone who could then learn to love a person as me, but only if I have that initial money.

I heard it said, “I wish I had money so I could do something interesting”. I wanted to change that into “I wish i could do something interesting, and money has nothing to do with this, but could help”. I think with that, I will pass out. Digest.

Abstract purge

A frenzy of thoughts blot my ability to formulate an amusing nuance of nonsense I so desire to create. I could make value statements, but that’s only fun for people who like to to define themselves, as if being definable is a value to be had. My isolated mind will dwell in what weary puddle of post-thought lingers. Its like thinking in pictures, in a slideshow, and its hard to capture the full thought at a quick glance, where it fades into another before it can be articulated. I sprout a thought with the initiation of a sentence, and follow with words that seemingly apply in coherency to a thought that could be vague or acute based upon how long it has been dwelling within. Certain songs inspire certain writings and thoughts. Then, oblivion will ring louder then my mind can scream, so I pause and stare. It lingers before it goes, randomly injecting its blank reply to anything said prior.


His mind melded into a meadow while audible spectral light permiated through invisible sheets of air and inevitabilly tickling the ear drums of the patrons in proximity. The stench of soaked cotton and sweat encrusted skin wafted up from his limber skin-laden bones. The invisible around his body began to agitate and spin, tossing his dangles through its invisibleness as it desired, leaving so little preference to the beaconing sense egg atop its drape.

“I can breathe, and I can see.
This music moves through me.
I smell like a dirty pantry.
Away I glide without urgency.”

Puddles and leaf boats slew the land where one drapes their legs. Methodical dancer through the ravenous adventures, drifting on a tempo birthed out of sensory perceptions. A head of fruit with a trim of skin bouquet. A glider on a dance created out of unmediated convulsions and twitches, to the tune and tide of his invisibleness.

Light glows and uncovers the black in abscence of itself. A rainbow of spectral light and frequencies to show you perceptual bliss in variety.

Each carry emotional undertones that invokes such new visions when composed in gradial variations on tembling lines gliding on a slate of white, as a blinding origin should be. With paint and wands, one may create in originality, a perceptual glance at one goards reality on this stack of towering skin stilts.

His tongue flaps and fumbles over lips and teeth, with constricting airflow through organic tubes and out a flapped hole. In coherency, his flow can show a slice of life on the boat in delivery of experiences. Send his perceptions to sea, you must sail the vast world of spectral audio as it scales the towering masses of audible interference.

Pbls of occupy on erf

The tyrant-icourus is a festering beast of endless appetite for all the beautiful pbls about who occupy. The pbls that occupy, they stand about in the streets and in the parks, reading books and discussing issues. Laughing even, as this is humanity we speak of so fondly! Why yes, many of these pbls scatter about throughout the cities of erf, and sleep soundly and peacefully with blankets and pillows in tents.

Then the tyrant-icourus comes marching into town, STOMP STOMP STOMP! It begins to seize the pbls of occupancy, stripping them naked in public, stealing and looting supplies that is not for them to loot, and they repeatedly beat upon and hurt these peaceful pbls of occupy. The elderly or wounded included. These pbls chant in unison, each one woven with the other in arm locked solitude. They cry for their ambitious goals of a better future, where tyrant-icousus can’t invade and loot without being accountable to the pbls of erf (and pbls of occupy reside on erf) who feed tyrant-icourus their earnings through time allocations for tasks inferior to pbls potential.

All the pbls of occupy wish to accomplish is authority over tyrant-icourus meal size. The smart pbls of erf, and moreso within those pbls of occupy, know what is happening. We have been slowly waking up to our full potential as a global consciousnesses. This has brought about much new insight, and now they feel able to take on the task of growing a new world of opportunity and promise for not only themselves, but the future generations as well. Tyrant-icourus was left without proper watch, and got into a bad diet of liberty. Pbls of occupy know this, so now they tug on his leash to simply put him in check. Tyrant-icourus is not kind to this idea, nor do the pbls of occupy plan on it being easy. They do try though, diligently and proud. Some could even argue; perhaps they are more alive then everyone else?

When you are fighting an army of dead idea’s from ancient people, who have passed on and turned over their ideas to new people who contribute and add to those thoughts of old, and then shuffle that over for several generations, you find great distortions of purpose and goals. This money distortion we see today, has given the reigns of authority to change over to a top elite class of citizens, separated from us only by self entitlement.

Let me make one thing clear, before I further distort my intentions of this writing. I consider people without a sense of humanity, to be dead. They could be alive with a heart pumping in their chest, but they are dead to the humanity around them. I believe very much that as humans, we are all equal and have been put here to manifest great things in the world. We have endless potential when we work together, and so doing this is objective superior number one. As such, my mind has broken everyone into the same slot I am in; human. A celebrity is an over glorified person of nonsense that others find awesome enough to ignore their own lives for. These are just people, and what they say and create is great! To over-inflate them into a person of absolute truths, is to depend on others to think for ones self, and that is never justified. No absolute truth is found in an absolute person; but rather, all truth is found through all people. Classifications therein are arcane games of nonsense.

Like I said, pbls of erf and occupy understand what is going on, and we know where we stand. The earth has an unlimited potential, but is stuck in a systematic annihilation of its own matter and populous. When we think we are great and powerful, as individuals, we lose sight of the light that illuminates the road through this symptom of time. We only get a flash of this dimensional experience, so its best to regret less. With so much wasteful occupations of time on this planet, no wonder those pbls of occupy have become uneasy.

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